What is Trauma Informed

Trauma Informed Bal-A-Vis-X (TIB) comprises 45 exercises and four multi-tiered movement patterns specifically designed to address toxic stress/PTSD.

Our hope is that you can learn these exercises and patterns on your own without taking full Bal-A-Vis-X training(s). We wish to make instruction clear enough that you–teacher, therapist, social worker, counselor, parent–can then teach these techniques, one-on-one, to the victims of childhood trauma in your world.

We use the term Trauma Informed to distinguish this disc’s special content from previously published Bal-A-Vis-X material. The latter serves many purposes, often simultaneously. Only one purpose animates (informs) this content: to bring about self-induced and self-monitored mindfulness in measures of gradually increasing duration.

Note: although created for children, these exercises and patterns equally benefit adults.

TIB is available in both dvd and streaming formats.