Bal-A-Vis-X is a series of some 300 exercises, most of which are done with sand-filled bags and/or racquetballs, often while standing on a Bal-A-Vis-X balance board. Requiring multiple thousands of mid-line crossings in three dimensions, these exercises are steadily rhythmic, with a pronounced auditory foundation, executed at a pace that naturally results from proper physical techniques. Bal-A-Vis-X enables the whole mind-body system to experience the symmetrical flow of a pendulum.

This carefully modulated system of exercises can become increasingly complex OR increasingly simplified/modified for those with severe special needs. In group (school) settings the program demands cooperation, promotes self-challenge, fosters peer teaching.

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Bill Hubert, bill@bal-a-vis-x.com

- Bill

Note from Bill:
The Illustrated Bal-A-Vis-X book is intended ONLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE COMPLETED A TRAINING.


4-6 April London

8-10 April
Malonne, Belgium
20-22 June
Melrose, Scotland
June Zabreznica, Slovenija
5-7 September Damme, Germany
24-26 October Texcoco, Mexico
4-7 December Singapore

12-14 June Melrose, Scotland
19-21 June Berlin, Germany


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