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Bal-A-Vis-X: Balance/Auditory/Vision eXercises for Brain and Brain-Body Integration, 2001

This book contains an 80-page narrative that tells the story of Bal-A-Vis-X--from inception of the idea (with 1st graders in the early ‘80s), through trial-and-error development (with 7th graders in the ‘90s), to its coalescence into a program of specific exercises which, time and again, address two core issues of struggling students in regular and special education settings: deficiencies in visual tracking and inability to focus and/or maintain attention.

The rest of the book contains a few teacher/parent mini-narratives and step-by-step written instructions for some 150 of our exercises. For classroom teachers of regular education students and parents of non-severe special education students, this book, which we call The Short Story of Bal-A-Vis-X, will provide sufficient What and Why of the program.

Note: For the real-time How of the exercises, your best option by far is to take our training. Second best option is to study and follow carefully the instructions in our dvd set, The Complete Bal-A-Vis-X.

Resonance: Elise and Other Bal-A-Vis-X Stories, 2007

This book begins with the 80-page narrative of Bal-A-Vis-X (see above). The other 300 pages contain all that we learned, between winter 2000 and winter 2007, about how to modify and extend our exercises for

A) the Very Young (kindergarten, preschool, even 3-year-olds
B) Seniors (the oldest thus far is 105)
C) those, of all ages, with Severe Special Needs

1) Autism Spectrum Disorder (from mentally retarded to Asperger’s Syndrome)
2) Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
3) Down Syndrome
4) Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy
5) Pervasively Develomentally Delayed/Globally Developmentally Delayed
6) Hearing Impaired, to include deaf
7) Sight Impaired, to include blind
8) Stroke victims (issues of balance, memory, speech)
9) Trauma victims (especially regaining sense of control over own life)
10) Stutterers and those with expressive speech difficulties

Note: Multiple passages in Resonance were written by occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-launguage pathologists, counselors, and rehabilitation specialists. The benefits of Bal-A-Vis-X for those in the Severe Special Needs list above are not simply “claims” made by me. They are unsolicited “reports,” via email or conversation, by those who teach/care for/provide services for those with severe special needs from across the country. Hence, the title . . . Bal-A-Vis-X Stories.

As well this book is interwoven with passages from neurologists, neuropsychiatrists, neurophysiologists, and two prominent members of the Asperger’s world, Temple Grandin and Daniel Tammet.

This book, then, is The Long Story of Bal-A-Vis-X, the whole What and Why through 2007. But it does not contain written instructions--the How of Bal-A-Vis-X. For that, take our training or study carefully The Complete Bal-A-Vis-X dvd set.


The Illustrated Bal-a-Vis-X, 2009

Note from Bill:
The Illustrated Bal-A-Vis-X book is designed for use after one has taken Bal-A-Vis-X training. It will not teach the program.

This book contains the same exercises, in the same order, as The Complete Bal-A-Vis-X dvd set. Each exercise is presented with written instructions plus a diagram to show directional flow of bags and balls plus orientation of partner-with-partner plus order of moves/actions plus a blank facing page for teacher notes.

NOTE: This book was designed to be used as a reminder, to teacher and student, of the many details necessary for proper execution of each exercise. It is a kind of written and pictorial “checklist.” This book should not be perceived as a means to launch the program from scratch. First one must learn the exercises A) by taking Bal-A-Vis-X training, or B) by carefully following instructions on The Complete Bal-A-Vis-X dvd set. Then this book’s value as a reminder/checklist will readily become apparent.


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